Structural integration practitioner

Do you want to improve your posture and your movement habits?
Do you want to get rid of back, neck, joint and limb pain?
Are you struggling to get moving after an injury or surgery?
Do you need to restore your physical and mental strength and resources, to connect more with your body?

About the method
In a structural integration, we work with the fascia. We encourage their relaxation and stretching. We organize them so that the overall structure of the body is changed and gravity serves the body to the maximum. Simply put, so that a person can stand straight and move in a balanced way without effort.

Basic Rolf Therapy consists of ten sessions that systematically build on each other. I recommend implementing the sessions after two to four weeks.

Structural Integration, Rolf Therapy, or perhaps more familiarly known in the general population as Rolfing, is one of the most effective methods of Western Fascial or Myofascial Therapy. Mrs. Dr. Ida Rolf is rightly credited as the founder of all approaches to fascia work that are beneficial for changing the structure of the body.

One session lasts 60 minutes. The price is 70 EUR (communication in English or Czech).

Cancellation policy

If you do not show up for your appointment or cancel your booking for any reason later than 48 hours before your appointment, you will pay 100% of the price as a cancellation fee.

Where to find me
Usti nad Labem, Brnenska 2, Studio Prostor (7 min walk from train station, 75 min by train from Dresden)
Prague 4, Hanusova 16, Studio Tensegrity


Ing. Dagmar Borovská
Tel: +420 604 738 413

About me
I am a Structural Integration practitioner. I have been trained in rolf therapy by the European Guild for Structural Integration. I have tried Structural Integration on myself. I try to pass on the possibility of positive change that I have experienced to my clients.